Maurice "AECX" Henke

Twilight Princess Randomizer

The TPR started in early 2019 with Jacquaid when he created the very first and basic logic sheet. There was no actual project until I eventually picked up the idea of a Twilight Princess Randomizer and brought it together with the REL project from Paper Mario TTYD by PistonMiner and Zephiles.

The TPR is now the core project that pushes Twilight Princess REL development, especially libtp_rel.

Other Notable Contributors:

  • Zephiles
  • Lunarsoap
  • vbn598

  • Links:
    Homepage | GitHub


  • Name?
    > Maurice or AECX
  • How do I Pronounce "AECX"?
    > eng. AyEx (aɪ ɛks)
  • From?
    > Germany, Kiel
  • Interests?
    > Programming, software-engineering, reverse-engineering, server-administration, hardware (soldering, etc.)
  • Programming Languages?
    > Primarily: C/C++, C#, PHP
  • Twilight Editor

    The Twilight Editor was my first advanced project for the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It allows for modifying save-date and accounts for checksum correction. Since the initial release in late 2017 it has received several updates, while the first 2 major versions were written in C#, the latest iteration is a C++ project. I still recommend the C# version for windows users since it features a graphical user interface, for research and programming purposes you should use the latest (C++ based) version.

    Homepage | GitHub

    Work in Progress

    This website is currently being created...